Welcome to Politics at Work™

Yes, that is a strange name for a company, but if your exit interviews show too much talent heading out the door too quickly, I have proven development programmes that can help you retain them.

I help talented people to be more influential and politically savvy, so that they can get better results, be more effective and more committed.

I help them to influence with integrity and navigate the complex areas of organisational culture that regular "training" does not cover. 

I will be able to help you if you are:

·      A talent development manager who needs "real world" influencing skills for your new intake or top talent.

·      A project manager leading a team that needs to work against stakeholder resistance

·   A talented individual who needs help

·      An L&D manager who needs something powerful, real and new to add into an existing programme.

I hope that what you see on this site will inspire you to get in touch .

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