"21 Dirty Tricks at Work (AGAIN)"

2016 follow up to the first book, with another 21 political games identified, analysed and more importantly, with effective strategies for dealing with them.  

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Other publications

"21 Dirty Tricks at Work"

My first mainstream book (co-written with Colin Gautrey) is about being influential without losing your integrity and sanity. Easy to read and full of useful ideas about becoming a more influential leader or manager, it is in its second edition and has been translated into other languages. Published world wide by Wiley and widely available. 

"Political Dilemmas at Work"

A "field book" for leaders looking to navigate the most common dilemmas that the role demands. Written with Colin Gautrey and Dr Gary Ranker, published world wide by Wiley and widely available.

"Organizational Politics (New Insights) "

Collated and edited by Sumati Reddy this compendium features chapters from all the thought leaders in the area of organisational politics. We contributed Chapter 11; The New Reality. Published by ICFAI University Press. (picture here)

Did it Deliver?

This is an essential guide to evaluating arts based learning types like forum theatre and other creative development interventions. It was co-authored with my network colleague Mark Trezona and it is published by the DCMS.

How to Drive a Tank...(and other everyday tips for the modern gentleman)

I have a dedicated chapter about political tactics in this best selling compendium of advice by Frank Coles.

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