Case studies

Case Studies

Success stories we are proud of.

International Insurance Company

For over 5 years we have supported an elite group of learners in the top quadrant of the talent grid. Our two day workshop is consistently flagged as a major highlight, and in the context of their year long programme, comes second only to the London Business School in the evaluations.

Food and Beverage Manufacturer

We have run a series of Influence Master Classes around the world with this leading manufacturer. Their learners – an elite bunch of talented and demanding folk – mostly have English as a second language, but our style and processes have proven to be no obstacle to effective learning.

Registered Charity

Our public sector work continues with success in the fields of Arts and Health organisations, proving that our learning processes are not just designed with the corporate world in mind.

American Finance Company

Supporting the UK MD and the HR Director, our coaching interventions have helped to resolve cultural clashes with the American parent company and have led to culture change. Staff satisfaction is up, staff turnover down and business results are racing ahead.

Medicine and Health Consultancy

A special intervention for the top team at this UK based consultancy which was designed to help promote a more positive organisational culture and set a series of values and expectations to do away with the ineffective politicking that beset the organisation.

Food Retail Group

A series of workshops for the graduate intake to ensure that they understand the complexities of organisational life and make the best choices when attempting to influence their stakeholders.

Whatever your business sector or organisational culture, we are confident that we will have a solution that will be right for you.

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